At Charles Manor, retirement living in Penticton comes to life! In this bustling senior community, residents find a multitude of engaging activities tailored to their interests and well-being. Here are five activities that Charles Manor offers to enable seniors to thrive.

Exercise Classes

Charles Manor offers a wide variety of exercise classes for seniors in retirement living in Penticton to enjoy. By attending a class, residents are able to improve their physical well-being by developing their balance, strength, coordination, and endurance. Engaging in regular exercise is crucial for injury prevention, and seniors can benefit greatly from these classes. Exercise classes are also very social for residents living in senior housing in Penticton. When attending classes regularly, residents are able to form friendships with other regulars. Exercise is also linked to cognitive function and can help seniors maintain mental sharpness.


Something most residents living in senior retirement homes love is playing games! Card games, board games, word games – Charles Manor offers them all! You’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to attend game nights when living at Charles Manor. Games are wonderful for seniors as they are mentally stimulating, resulting in enhanced cognitive abilities and memory. Games also provide an opportunity for seniors to socialize, make new friends, and strengthen existing relationships. Some healthy competition between friends is always good for the soul! Playing games also enhance emotional well-being. Residents experience boosts in their moods, reduction in stress levels, and increased feelings of fulfillment after attending an activity with games. 

Movie Nights

Residents love attending the movie nights here at Charles Manor. Movies allow seniors a chance to unwind, enjoy a good film, and immerse themselves in storytelling. Movies are a great way for residents to relax while stimulating their brains. We love to play movies that provoke nostalgia in our residents while ensuring a broad range of genres so that everyone has a chance to watch something they love. Movie nights are also a wonderful way to connect with the retirement community members. Residents often stay after to discuss the movie and make new friends.

Bus Outing

At Charles Manor, we love to plan bus outings for our residents. This allows residents to explore Penticton and surrounding areas, as well as enjoy some new experiences! The bus outings are not only about sightseeing; they also foster socialization and provide an avenue for residents to connect with one another. Sharing experiences and creating lasting memories, seniors form special bonds during these outings, enriching their retirement living in Penticton.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a favourite of residents living in senior housing in Penticton. Happy Hour provides an informal setting for seniors to gather, chat, and share stories, fostering social connections and reducing feelings of loneliness. Residents find enjoying a beverage and snacks at Happy Hour to be an enjoyable and relaxing break from daily routines, releasing dopamine. At Charles Manor, we love to celebrate special occasions, such as resident birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones! A themed Happy Hour is sure to make any special occasion memorable. 

Charles Manor, in Penticton, offers a vibrant and fulfilling retirement living experience. With a wide range of activities, such as exercise classes, games, movie nights, bus outings, and Happy Hour events, seniors in our retirement home can enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle while forming meaningful connections with their fellow residents.


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